Tusk & Dawn

Responsible Tourism

Tusk & Dawn, the jungle resort in sakleshpur, prides itself for the measures taken to protect and preserve the environment. Spread over 70 acres of pure environs the landscape is 100% natural. Material used for construction have been locally sourced – the bricks made out of the clay from the land. Not a single tree has been felled or has made way for the facility.


As a natural resource, water is available in plenty. We have created an aqua body with fishes to create natural freshness and balance. The water body does blend itself in the environs with a becalming effect. Drinking water is naturally processed and suitable for consumption. We do urge you to conserve water in the wash rooms which will lessen the burden on the hydro generator that delivers electricity to the retreat.

Sound Pollution

Tusk & Dawn is best suited for silence. All because we are in close proximity to the forest. One sure shot way of attracting animals and birds is to keep sound and noise at the bare minimum. We urge you to keep low decibel levels of music, be it plugged or un-plugged.


The rooms and linen in the retreat are crisp and clean for your use. Be aware that washing with detergents is not eco friendly. We urge you to reuse the towels and try to minimise change of linen.


Need we say anything at all! Please do not litter any form of plastic, cans, cigarette butts, match sticks, in and around the retreat.


Beautiful spa resort offer soothing environtment