Sakleshpur, Karnataka



Activities at Tusk and Dawn

Tusk and Dawn is a place where time standstill and it is an ideal perfect place which is spread out to offer every guest unforgettable memories.


Off Roading


Explore many trekking paths that surround the area. Paths that invisibly line every mountain. Through streams, into forests, over hills and into valleys. Walking is the best way to discover more of these little wonders. Here’s a look at some of the trekking options.

Recently, Tusk and Dawn hosted and arranged for the Great Escape Rally organised by Mahindra & Mahindra and for a score of other private off-road groups. On a regular basis, we do offer our guests a short off-road experience at an additional cost.


There is usually a broad line between civilization and wilderness. But somehow at Tusk and Dawn that line seems to fade into oblivion. You’ll find it all around you at Tusk and Dawn and capture them to your imagination.

Nature Walk

Waterfall Visit

Outdoor Activities

Come discover the joy of walking in nature. Enjoy beauty of mother earth without losing yourself when you visit Tusk and Dawn.

Nothing is more beautiful than hearing the roar of a waterfall. Let the water element purify your mind, body,  in the most natural way by visiting our amazing resort.

Tusk and Dawn has indoor and outdoor games that add an extra happiness to every guest’s lists. From children to adults, we bring happiness to everyone.

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