Sakleshpur, Karnataka

T & D Experience


Enjoy Nature at Tusk and Dawn

“Life is greener on the other side”.  In the midst of all this chaos one does wonder, what the other side really holds. It’s time to get away to Tusk & Dawn. To get out and get lost.

To somehow make sense of all this madness. Tusk & Dawn is surrounded by mountains, evergreen Shola forests. You could walk the wild side or pump up your adrenalin with an off road drive. Or you could just laze around soaking in nature’s beauty and bounty. The place is just the beginning.

Get away, get out and drive to the edge of civilization where the road ends, a secret paradise awaits. A tiny gathering of six deluxe cottages complete with all the amenities you need to relax is a perfect setting for your own travel story.

Walk on the Edge

There is usually a broad line between civilization and wilderness but somehow at Tusk & Dawn that lines seems to fade into oblivion. As one steps out of their cozy cabin to walk around, little treats of wilderness magically appear.

The tiny world of insects and butterflies. Myriad colours and hues paint their backs, fronts and wings. Walk around. Up the path into the Shola and one can discover more of this magic. In secret hiding places, at select auspicious times, there emerges a flash of beauty as orchids bloom. Rare. Endemic and ethereal. Almost bizarre this world of tiny tots. You’ll find it all around you at Tusk & Dawn.

Explore the many trekking paths that surround the area. Paths that invisibly line every mountain. Through streams, into forests, over hills and into valleys.


Wild Ride on the Wild Side

The hot cups of sweet, black tea cupped against that early morning breeze. If it was the small joys in life that mattered, then this is definitely one. You will be in safe hands. Admire nature, enjoy the wild ride find yourself lost in the the tranquil green hills and valleys and the fresh water streams.

Experience at Tusk & Dawn  is unhurried, promising every comfort, experience and energy.

Far away from the crowd, Tusk & Dawn directions a glorious perspective on the Western Ghats and the Mountains. On the opposite side is the unblemished timber lands, espresso ranches sprinkled with out of this world trees and greenish scene. It is a perfect escape to beat the warmth.

Day at Tusk & Dawn

As starters one can easily spend a day just soaking in the freshness, greenery and the environs. On reaching, treat yourself to a gastronomic lunch. After lunch you can either explore the nooks, the waterfall or take a 1 ½ hour simple trek or simply pamper yourself with a power nap.

At 5.00 PM get ready for the mountain ride. This short ride leaves you breathless on top of the mountain as you can soak in the 360 degree panoramic view. It is a photographer’s delight and watching the sun set amidst these mountains is an experience you will never forget.

The 360 degree view and photography opportunity is unparallel. By then the sun is setting and gives you a never before experience.

On reaching back, get ready for dinner set around our unique camp fire. An ideal opportunity to discover your own latent talent in singing or dancing.

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